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Heart & Mind

Heart & Mind

One knows the heart one knows the mind together one beat through the sands of time.

A destructive force though history has revealed the time is ripe for them to heal.

Ill deeds cannot be undone you must learn from mistakes and move the hell on.

They have evolved and their understanding is clear but the universe is claiming payments left in arrears

A story like the ones legends are written for

Paris and Helen even started a war

Evil deeds caused by a past incarnation led to the current fucked up situation.

The cosmos have imposed a swift sentence they cannot be together and its a lifetime penance

But the bond is strong and couldn’t be broken so they were allowed a moment of discretion

Careful consideration is needed the karma of the fierce two cannot be repeated

So let’s let the universe control the body and mind and remember to reunite only on the number nine.


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You gave what was needed before even asked.

How you knew puts me to task

We never spoke…still haven’t. Yet you’re always right on time with a clever poke

Silence is not for lack of desire quite the contrary its a roaring fire

The longer it takes the stronger the need grows

Which is not a good thing you have your own woes

I wish I had the energy for this undertaking

But I’m trapped in a nightmare of my own making

There’s no way out every route leads to destruction

You deserve love and sheer devotion.

I had the ability once and I guess I still do but faith, hope, and trust have been robbed and left me shattered and abused.

I’m not what we thought I was and seems I’ve never been

Else he would not have mocked and humiliated me to no end.

Oh yes, a new low has been established with twists and turns that far exceed our one quick burn.

Recovery is hard and something forever severed I’m no longer sure its worth the effort

I wish I knew what was in your heart what you desired of me

It would be so much easier to act accordingly

But alas you’ve grown as quiet as me so I have to just let things be

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Bit O honey on hold

Bit O honey on hold

Something left unsaid, but not exactly a lie…

The lips are zipped tight and she has no idea why.

She’s fiercely intense he wants to know more

But with so much chaos she must be ignored…..for now

So many distractions…demands he has enough to deal with

She’ll just make it worse so why risk ruining it.

Its crazy she gets it and doesn’t want to be a pest,

A burden, a disruption, an even bigger mess.

He has to figure out what he wants…

Maybe she showed him and he needs no more prompts.

Its supposed to be fun and good times, not disrupt his life and turn it on a dime.

So when its time to once again take a break…a walk on the wild side–love with no strings

Remember her! The one that did things.

Stirred deep inside you..made you want to be deep in her

That Bit O Honey Slow Jam is something for sure.

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Ma'at Ka Ra

Ma’at Ka Ra

I was told by a very dear friend, the pie is toxic I can’t win.

All these years I never knew why first the chase, sprung, then they all run and cry.

He says its not a bad thing, that’s it very good but I think that man is misunderstood.

Never in my life do they want to stay, use and use until its gone then throw away.

I took a chance this time because I thought it was different.

A man from my past who should have been with it.

My loveable hero from way back, today he’s so critical and gives me no slack.

So silence seems the best course of action, better to keep to myself so no cause for retraction.

Thank you dear friend your words indeed helped and satisfied someone in need.

Please forgive the abrupt shuffle, but I must protect you from this toxic truffle.

© 2012 Slave Free Zone

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Queen of SwordsThe Queen of Swords she seeks not to be full of sadness and melancholy. She’s just too much for any man to take therefore she must take a break.

Have no fear she will stay near the vibe of tight feels so right.

The savior she needs he cannot be, its not his job he’s not for she.

Their time should be about fun and good karma not bullshit immature drama.

His future is laid out and seems much brighter he’s the supreme lover and not a fighter.

This king who has the gift of lyric warms her heart and lifts her spirit.

Alas the choice is his and not mine of course there will be more time.

Just let it be known how, when or where and the brown sugar kiss lady will definitely be there.

© 2012 Slave Free Zone

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The Queen of Coins something has awakened her loins.

Whether for her knight or the king that sings the lady is fighting the urge to cream.

Over and over alas we tumble the pie is tight and feels so right

Take off the drawers and make it yours..pull my hair take me there

Big baller shot caller…make me holler.

A pimp or wimp make me scream with this cream.

Keep talkin shit and I just might let you hit the baddest kitty ever seen!!!!

© 2012 Slave Free Zone

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This lady is trying hard you see not to be a pain in the ass to thee.

You inspire the opening of the flood gates if you will something not asked for and too big a pill.

The children called pentacles, coins, and disks are earthly and wise and have no need to put on disguise.

The risk is the temptation to fall hard and deep for something neither one has hope to reach.

There is no desire for harm and injustice only love and care in great abundance.

©2012 Slave Free Zone

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